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GEBCO Insurance


An update to a spot that aired for 15 years. It's having the same effect...making the phones ring. 

GEBCO Insurance

"Breaking News"

Grabs your attention, great to look at, and conveys a lot of information. It's been used in rotation with other spots, to great success.

GEBCO Insurance "Texters"

The combination of this spot and "Been Cancelled" has the phones ringing like it's 1999....and that's a good thing. 

EZ Insurance

A generic spot that can aired in any programming at any time.  Clear message as to who we are and what we have to offer.

Senate select insurance

A great looking :15 that's boosting frequency and phone activity.  


Two companies are joined to form Senate Select Insurance. The two most recognizable talents from past marketing efforts are used to help make the connection.


A generic spot which can run in any programming at any time. 

katz insurance

This was one of three ads that ran for over 10 years​Very effective.

Ez Insurance

A new business looking to make its mark on the local scene.  It focuses on the name and ease of business.